Kshitij Foundation is team of revolutionary youths devoted for society and Nation building. Kshitij Foundation initiated the campaign ” Bleed The Silence” and collected articles,paintings,poems,

stories of first periods,myths,taboos, etc on menstruation from various regions of the world.Until now We have reached upto 15,000 women & girls through medical camps,schools ,colleges,rural area,tribes,urban slums,government camps,NYK,Dongri Jail,Self help groups,Women’s committee etc

Simultaneously Kshitij Foundation runs program

Anandotsav : Celebration of festival with senior citizen at orphanage and old age home

Saree Symobolic Move:Its more about stain on dress or saree while girl is going through periods . Women gathers together and discuss about menstruation they give courage to each other.

Menstrual Hygiene Day Celebration


Kshitij Foundation vision India where girls live healthy safe and educated life defining their own

purpose in which menstrual health management is recognized as a human right .


To develop Menstrual Hygiene management curriculum to educate about what ,why , how of

menstruation . It allowed them to talk openly about periods . To share stories and advice to

realize they are not alone and it also give them chance to discuss their health issues


1. To address common myths and misconceptions regarding menstruation through Bleed The Silence Campaign

2. To enable adolescent girls to overcome inhibitions to talk about menstruation and seek help when required.

3. To advocate,promote menstrual hygiene education for all school girls and boys as well.

4. To prepare preteens for her period.

Aspiring Women Award 2022


We started keeping dustbin,napkins,papers for wrapping in the washroom of school.We

openly talk with our friends about periods.there are so many positive changes in people.

- Deepali

क्षितिज फाउंडेशन समाजातील गरीब ,दुर्बल , गरजू लोकांना त्यांच्यातील क्षमता ,गुणांना एका क्षितिजावर नेते .

- जयवंत वाडकर (अभिनेता )

Menstrual cycle is a very normal, biological process which is considered to be a social stigma. Due to this, Menstrual Hygiene is never discussed openly. We cannot afford to stigmatize this issue any more since this will put the women and thus our society at risk. Hence it is of paramount importance to bring the issue to the forefront in discussion. I’m really glad that Ms. Snehal and her Kshitij Foundation has brought this issue into public discussion. Her team is doing a great job of spreading awareness about Menstrual Hygiene. She has also been actively working with Zilla Parishad Sangli for Menstrual Hygiene awareness campaign. I wish her all the best and hope that she succeeds in this noble endeavor.

Mr. Abhijit Raut ( IAS)

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